Seniority List Preparation Services

Is your district short on time or personnel? Califon Consultants has been relied on by New Jersey school districts to provide annual seniority list determinations for decades and will be happy to prepare your seniority list for you. We utilize our proprietary software and many years of experience to deliver an accurate list quickly. Contracts are renewable on an annual basis.

How the process works:

  • You collect the required information for each employee on forms that we provide and submit the forms to us
  • We review the data that you have submitted and send you a list of any questions that we may have along with requests for any other specific additional information that we may require 
  • As soon as we receive your reply, we complete the first draft of your seniority list. You can expect to receive the draft list within a few weeks from the time that we receive your reply 
  • School district administrative personnel review the draft list and if all seems satisfactory, post the list within each school with an invitation to employees to submit written comments 
  • We review all comments submitted and respond to each 
  • At the end of the comment period we prepare a final draft of your seniority list


How much time does seniority list preparation take?


Our work is completed very quickly once we have all necessary data in hand. Time will vary depending on the size of your district and the amount of time required for you to collect the necessary information. The process is ordinarily completed within a few months. 

Required information to be collected includes annual assignments of each employee and whether they were part-time, any leaves of absence without pay including dates and reason for absence, military record for those who served prior to district employment, and copies of all certificate(s) held by each employee. 

We would be pleased to provide a list of our recent customers.


General Consulting Services

Califon Consultants also provides general consulting services to school districts with regard to staffing and organizational issues.

We would be happy to consult with you regarding services to your district. Please fill out the form below for more information.