For more than 25 years Califon Consultants has advised New Jersey school district administrators and board attorneys on the preparation of seniority lists and the conduct of reduction in force. Our expertise is now available to your district in three volumes.


Tenure, Seniority, Rif & Recall

This comprehensive textbook will inform you step by step about tenure, seniority and the effect of tenure and seniority rights in reductions in force and recalls.

Tenure, Seniority, Rif & Recall explains certification, tenure positions and probationary periods, seniority categories, the accrual of seniority within categories, employee rights in a reduction in force and order of recall.

All pertinent statutes and regulations are provided and more than 500 relevant cases are cited and summarized.

175 pages    Price: $310

Annual update subscriptions are available at additional cost.


Preparing A Seniority List

This manual will guide you through the preparation of a new seniority list or the improvement of your present seniority list.

Preparing A Seniority List clearly and succinctly presents methods of gathering the requisite data, determining tenure status, calculating seniority entitlements, compiling and maintaining a seniority list, applying that list in a reduction in force, and maintaining a recall list.

Calculation tables make short work of figuring precise seniority entitlements from starting dates, factoring in leaves of absence, military service and part-time service.

The text is augmented by sample work sheets, letters and board motions as well as numerous examples and charts.

100 pages Price $260

Annual update subscriptions are available at additional cost.


Quick Reference

An alphabetical presentation of tenure, seniority determination, reductions in force and recalls. For example:

  • Does a leave of absence interrupt the tenure period?
  • Does a resignation have to be accepted by the board?
  • Can a director bump a principal?
  • When is an open position a vacancy?

Quick Reference will provide you with quick answers to these and many other difficult issues in an easy to use alphabetical format.

75 pages Price: $210

Annual update subscriptions are available at additional cost.
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