Califon Seniority Software

Our proprietary seniority software program is available online for those New Jersey districts that wish to perform their own list determinations.

The Califon Seniority Software Program features an easy user interface and includes full documentation, user manual and our   Preparing A Seniority List  publication.

Using the Califon Seniority Program, you will easily print out lists of

  • each individual record;
  • district and school seniority within approved categories of employment by descending order of seniority;
  • seniority categories and entitlements listed alphabetically by employee;
  • certificate(s) held, date of issue, and type listed alphabetically by employee;
  • certificates held by employees listed alphabetically with the employees listed under each alphabetically;
  • persons riffed from your district, the date of the rif, the certificates held, and the date thereon

The Califon Seniority Software is fully compliant with New Jersey law and is kept up to date as the law changes or the program adds new features.

The annual  subscription to the Califon Seniority software includes  district customized software configuration, user manual personal support and consultation by phone, fax or email regarding any problems that you may encounter or questions that you may have,  and review of your list to insure correct data entry format. The subscription also includes the latest edition of our Preparing A Seniority List Reference Guide.

The Califon Seniority Software initial subscription costs $2900, which includes the program customization for your district, user manual, multiple district user accounts, onsite training, and  the first year’s maintenance fee. Subsequent annual maintenance fee is currently $1095.

Please feel free to contact our current program users regarding their experiences with our program.

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